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Cardiac Calm Px
Cardiac Calm Px
Cardiac Calm Px

Cardiac Calm Px


Cardiac Calm Px

• Cardiovascular Support
• Maintains Healthy Normal Sinus Rhythm (already within normal range)
• Cardiac Atrium and Ventricles

Formulation Features:

  • Support the heart muscle and nourish the cardiovascular system
  • Promote cardiac circulation, cardiac muscle contractability, oxygen utilization
  • May stimulate vasodilation of coronary vessels

Our Cardiac Calm Px Formula helps maintain cardiac rate and rhythm. This herbal formula contains over 10 different cardiac glycosides which research has shown support the maintenance of a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. This formula preserves and maintain heart tissue and strengthen weak heart action, maintain strength of myocardial contractions by optimizing contractility of individual cardiac muscle fibers, and promote coronary flow, enhancing perfusion to the entire heart.

Cardiac Px provides an impressive combination of herbs long used to support the heart muscle and used to help nourish the cardiovascular system. The certified organic herbs and the mineral magnesium in this formula have a broad range of effects, including support for cardiac circulation, cardiac muscle fiber contractility and oxygen utilization.